A featured Web Content Management System based on Codeigniter


All Web-Apps that based on NodCMS are multilingual and users can add unlimited languages on the system

Business functional

NodCMS and NodCMS based apps have been maid for business usage. It has many tools and options that a business website needs.

Easy to install

How ever the installation of NodCMS just needs implode database and configuration a PHP file, but all NodCMS based apps have a wizard installation tools that make their install more easier.

Support and Update

Chic Theme as the publisher of NodCMS apps will support all apps as public and private contract.

What is NodCMS?

NodCMS is a CodeIgniter based Content Management System that powered by Chic-Theme.

Actually, the base of all Chic-Theme's Web-Products is NodCMS. In other words each Web-Product is a special version of NodCMS.
Because of that, all Chic-Theme's Web-Apps are able to connect property to each other.

To request any special version or connect NodCMS based Web-Apps together, send your request from Chic-Theme Request Center.

NodCMS New Version

Full featured website for a business

NodCMS is designed for a business website, where you can display your services, products, portfolios, addresses, and other information to your customers.

On NodCMS you are able to send invoices to your customers, get online payments and collect your income reports.

You can also make some submission forms(such as survey, registration for something, requesting a service, and etc.) to send to your customers.

NodCMS has a feature to customer registration for a priced subscription.

You can set your appointments with your customer on NodCMS.

The new version is not ready right now.

The estimated time to publish is:


NodCMS Free Version

Old and limited version of NodCMS

There is an old version of NodCMS that has not many of the new version's features.

Free version of NodCMS has just a few feature for having a website.

The free version is total free to download, but it will not support any more.

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